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Introducing our Oral Care Beginner Bundle!!!

This is our Oral Care Beginner Bundle, the first of a range of bundles we have been working on. We wanted to make it easier for anyone new to the low waste movement to know where to start and save some money too! This bundle includes everything you need to get started on your journey into low waste dental care.

-1 month of Toothpaste Tablets, spearmint, cinnamon, or bubblegum
-1 Bamboo toothbrush
-1 Flosspot with jar, silk or vegan

Why are we low-waste and not zero waste?

We consider ourselves low-waste instead of zero waste, and there is good reason for that.

Not everything we sell is going to be plastic free. What is more important to us is that the products we sell have a fraction of the plastic their wasteful counterparts do. Most of what we sell will be zero waste but we still don't want to enforce this high and unrealistic expectation on our customers.

Please note that at the bottom of all product pages we will list if a product contains any plastic, if it is made in Canada or by a Canadian company, how it should be composted if applicable, and if it is vegan.

How We Package Orders

All our boxes and mailers are either reused or made from 100% recycled fibres!

We use reinforced kraft paper gummed tape. This prevents the use of plastic packing tape and is recyclable.

We use crumpled kraft paper for our void-fill and corrugated paper for padding. Both of these materials are make from 100% recycled fibre!

All of this makes our packaging 100% recyclable and 100% better for the Earth!

We are proudly Canadian!

We are proudly Canadian and love to sell and see Canadian made low-waste goods. The majority of our products come from Canadian manufacturers and are made in Canada which is something that we are incredibly proud of. Canada has such a large and diverse low-waste community and we are so exited to be a part of it!

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