About Us...

Zero waste dish washing collection with solid dish soap bar, a dish brush, pot scrubber, and dish loofah sponge

For Earth and All is an online retailer with a focus on low waste, intentional living. We are the place for people trying to live more environmentally conscious and Earth friendly lives. A place for ALL people. Our focus is on the masses, selling products for people trying to do better, and who want to live imperfectly zero waste lives. We recognize this is what we need in the world, many people just trying to do better rather than a few people trying to be perfect. Not everything we sell will be perfect and 100% plastic free.

We want to show people it isn't that difficult to live a less wasteful life by offering them products that replace the wasteful ones in their current routines. This journey wasn't easy for us and is still ongoing. That's why we want to make this process as easy as posable. We put a focus on products that are the best, if not better alternatives. We focus on lower waste rather than completely zero waste options that are less enticing to use. We want more people living like this and this is how we intend on doing it. 

Plastic-free kraft paper shipping materials
Dog walking in the forest

We are a proudly Canadian company and we have a focus on selling Canadian made products. The majority of our products come from Canadian manufacturers and are made in Canada! Canada has such a large and diverse low-waste community and we are so exited to be a part of it!

We are a mother and son team based in Windsor-Essex. Thank you for supporting our small online shop - Jack and Mary