This low waste porcelain shaving mug is perfect for any zero waste shave soap! Use it to whip up an amazing lather with any shave bar or cream. This is a true wet shaving essential.

This vintage-style mug can hold up to a 100g puck. It can also, with proper care, last a lifetime, making it truly low waste!

Buy this mug, a shave brush, and refill with zero-waste shave soap, and you'll be set for life!

To use: Fill with shave puck, load wet damp shave brush with soap by rubbing brush on soap in circular motions for about 30 seconds, and then lather soap on face. You can alternatively load your brush with soap outside the mug and then create lather in the mug. Full guide to zero/low waste wet shaving coming soon!

12cm / 3in diameter 

  • Contains some plastic - comes wrapped in plastic bag