This dual-layer bamboo soap dish is an amazing option for any zero waste household. You can easily store any bar of soap, shampoo, conditioner, or even a konjac sponge. The soap rests on a slotted bamboo tray and any excess water is collected by the bottom layer. This design will ensure that your soap bars dry quickly and prevent a mess on your counter. 

Solid bars of soap are essential to any zero waste lifestyle but they can create quite a mess. Simply pair your soap with one of these and eliminate excess water and residue on your counters, just empty the bottom layer that collects the water. 

This dish is made with bamboo, a sustainable fast grooming plant that uses little water to grow. It dries quicker than other woods and is less likely to crack. All this makes it a perfect material to use with a soap tray and in a sustainable home. 

To use: Simply place your bar of soap on top of the tray and any excess water will be caught in the base. Avoid soaking the bamboo tray in water.

Care: Rinse off soap buildup with water when needed and wipe dry. Dry once a week and alternate between another soap dish. Clean with a water-vinegar solution if mold starts to form. Keep away from flames and high heat.

Bar size: Up to 5.9x10.4cm

  • Zero waste - comes in no packaging.
  • Made by a Canadian Company
  • Vegan