This natural loofah creates gentle friction, perfect for shedding dead skin cells and increasing localized blood flow and circulation, effectively tackling dull-looking skin. Our Loofah Shower Pad is more gentle than a raw loofah and has a loop to be hang-dried.

It is an eco-friendly, zero waste and plastic-free swap that's made in Canada and great for everyday exfoliating needs. Compared to a traditional plastic shower puff or body polisher, if it starts to smell, it can be reused by being boiled in clean water.

Directions: Simply soak them in water to soften, and lather up with your favourite soap bar or shower gel.

To exfoliate: Wet with water and apply soap over its surface, a little soap goes a long way, and gently rub over body. Use less frequently on sensitive areas and avoid using on your face.

Care: Rinse after each use and make sure all soap is gone. Dry completely between uses. Sanitize by boiling in water if it starts to smell.

End of life: Compost, cut into small pieces before composting to avoid getting caught in the compost machine.

  • Zero waste - has no packaging and is compostable.
  • Made in Canada by a Canadian Company!
  • Backyard compostable
  • Vegan