Loofah Soap Dish Duo


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This combination of a bamboo soap tray and natural loofah sponge is the perfect zero waste duo to store your bars of soap, shampoo, conditioner, and even your konjac sponge. This soap dish was specially designed with 2 layers, one that directly touches the soap and absorbed any excess water.

This design ensures your soaps properly dry and the loofah can even be used for easy lathering with the soap residue that it sokes up!

Solid soaps are an essential part of a low waste and zero waste lifestyle but they can create quite a mess. To prevent the mess simply pair with this to keep your countertops and bathtub ledges free of soapy residue.

Pairs well with Lavami Hand & Body Soaps and Facial Soaps.

To use: Simply place your bar of soap on top of the loofah sponge and it will slightly expand, soaking up any excess water. Avoid soaking the bamboo tray in water.

Care: Rinse with water between uses and wipe dry. Dry once a week and alternate between another soap dish. Clean with a water-vinegar solution if mold starts to form. Keep away from flames and high heat.

End of life: When the loofah sponge becomes too worn out to keep using it can be composted. The bamboo tray can be reused and or you can remove the rubber feet and compost it. 

Note: You can oil the bamboo tray to reduce the risk of cracking if it is regularly submerged in water. 

  • Zero waste - comes in no packaging, loofah is compostable and the bamboo tray is reusable.
  • Made by a Canadain Company
  • Backyard compostable components 
  • Vegan