This is a somewhat traditional-style soap dish made with a quick-drying material. This dish is made of a 100% renewable material named Diatomite (fossilized algae, hence plant-bas). It is water-absorbent and quick-drying, making it ideal for kitchen and bathroom counters where water accumulates. This soap tray's finish is similar to concrete but it is water-absorbant and small volumes of water will evaporate instantly from the dish. It also features draining holes and pathways which will ensure soap and shampoo bars dry and your countertops and bathtub ledges are clean from soap residue. 

This dish can last forever with proper care and if it ever stains that can always be removed with sandpaper. This makes it a perfect fit in any zero-waste household.

Care: Place in a ventilated place and occasionally clean to prevent mold. To remove stains you can lightly sand with sandpaper. Avoid brushing or sanding when wet.

Bar size: Up to 10.9x6.9cm

  • Zero waste - comes in recyclable cardboard packaging, made from sustainable plant-based material.
  • Made by a Canadian company.